Saturday, January 07, 2006

Still Typing. . .

Back To Work

Back to the grind, this last week. If you don’t do it (or haven’t done it), it’s hard to understand just how exhausting steady, heads down writing and research can be, physically as well as mentally. Needless to say, I’m happy I took advantage of the short, mid-Holiday week to decompress and catch up on things like putting stuff back in the library and the file room, but now I’m back in the middle of the wonderful world of appeals and it doesn’t look like the writing elves came in and finished up anything for me, so, once more into the breach. . . .


Not the Christian feast day (some times knows as the Twelfth Day of Christmas) which was yesterday, when I had this small ‘e’ epiphany, oddly enough. But rather “A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something,” ss the American Heritage has it for definition 3a.

I’ve been watching the fourth season of The Shield, getting back up to speed for season five, which begins next Tuesday. Two things (maybe two and a half things) hit me:

1. Glenn Close is drop-dead gorgeous,
1.5. and a hell of an actor,
2. Michael Chiklis embodies to two archetypes of the American Police Officer. When the cops are dealing with us, we want the Commish to be the guy we’re talking to. When the cops are dealing with the bad guys, we want it to be Vic Mackey.
2.5 Chiklis is a hell of an actor, too.

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