Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not Gone, Yet!

Great balls of fire! I must have died, or something it's been so long since I updated this weblog. Well, it was 'or something' all right. Between work (we lost our part-time assistant, meaning more work for the other attorney in that court, and more work for me to take up the appeals slack that attorney handled) and my teaching an intro to law course, and the family obligations, and a nasty, nasty infection that cost me a lot of time off, a couple of years have slipped away. I feel like a character in a Jimmy Buffett song - specifically "He Went to Paris" where "four of five years slipped away."

Not sure I'm really back - still recovering from being off sick, and came back to the Miller v Alabama decision which affects my office in a handful of cases over the last 30 years, or so. Population dynamics being what they are, the bulk of our juvenile murderers have been sentenced, more or less, on my watch. Well, probably something to write about down the road a bit.

More later.