Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still Here After All These Days

My God! Won't It Ever Slow Down?

Yes, I'm still alive, and functioning. More or less. Work, these last few weeks, has given new meaning to the expression "rode hard and put up wet." Nothing spectacular, nothing earthshaking. Just one damn' thing after another. And when I get home, the online class is waiting for me. By the time I get finished with that, I'm almost too tired to watch TV, let alone do creative writing. That, and high school football season has started up.

My youngest (17 years old - I'm not old enough to have a 17 year old kid. Am I? Hell, number one kid is 21, half-way to 22!) is a varsity starter at offensive guard - we like to call him a Right guard because, well, that's where he plays - and his mom and I are so proud of him it almost hurts. Of course, attendance at all games is a must. Have you seen "Friday Night Lights"? Well, our town is not quite as football crazy as the folks on Odessa, TX, but "not quite" is still pretty damn' crazy. Anyway, the parent things and the first game have devoured what little spare time I had, so postings have been a bit light around here.

More later. Maybe this holiday weekend will have a few spare hours.