Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yes, My Lovelies, I Have Not Forgotten You

The Red Queen's Race Is On. . .

in my office. Summer is here and two things happen -- people think they are entitled to actually use that vacation time they've accumulated, and the NCDA and our state association start putting on loooong training sessions. In fairness to the state, one of the sessions is for new assistants who were hired off the mid-winter bar exam and the current crop of summer interns. And I suppose in fairness to the National College I have to observe that many of their instructors, who are mostly practicing prosecutors, use vacation time to teach. So I haven't forgotten our boy Danny and his defense counsel dilemma. I've just been running as hard as I can to stay in one place. Or maybe to stay ahead of my own, personal version of the giant boulder from the opening scenes of "Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of the Lost Ark."

More as I can.

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