Friday, May 27, 2005

If You Read This

You Won't Have To Read My Comment To Gideon's Comment To The Previous Post

Clear as mud, right? I just thought better of leaving this burried in the comments section. Based on my own Blog reading habits, the odds are pretty good almost everyone will miss it if I leave it just in the comments. So, here's what I told Gideon:
Hopefully, over this three day weekend, I'll be able to get some rightous posting done. No online class until Tuesday. No family obligations until a week from Sunday. The weather forecast says cool and rainy, so no burning desire to run around doing vigerous things. (I should, but "should" and "want to" are very different thing.) Unfortunately, I did pick up Season One of Quantum Leap, but it was a mid-season replacement show its first season, so there are only eight episodes - the double length pilot and seven regular lenght shows. And I've already knocked off the pilot and the first reqular episode.[-)By the way, the first regular episode? Teri Hatcher guest stars as a college student and, my God! Was she a beauty! At 25, easily playing 18-19, she is just stunning.
I may have to reconsider my decision not to bother with the soon-to-be-reoeased first season of Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.

By the way, the "block quote" function here on Blogger is just about the most un-intutive "feature" I have ever run across.

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Gideon said...

So many pearls in one post!

Quantum Leap was, imo, one of the most underrated sci-fi shows. I absolutely love it. It did get old after a while, but I still enjoy watching reruns.

Superman fan? Damn. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up. Terri Hatcher was, indeed, gorgeous. I'd buy it only for her.

And yes, you're right - the blockquote function is terrible. You have to hit the button again on a fresh line to insert the < /blockquote > tag.

Anyway, still waiting for your comments to comments :) Have a good weekend!