Sunday, April 03, 2005

If This Is Spring, Bring Back Winter

It's More Honest

April, apparently suffering some identity issues, is coming in like a lion. Spent the day, yesterday, darting from the car to various shops and stops through the kind of weather that makes you long for the brutal honesty of a day in deep Winter.

Just a short note, this time. More of a break from 1)grading essays on "what justice means to me" and 2) editing a looong appellee's brief by one of our interns. The stuff from the online class I teach I pretty much do every weekend, but I brought real work home (well, emailed it from work to one of my "civilian" accounts) for the first time in a long time because of he aforementioned weather.

Those of you who work in older buildings, government buildings in particular, will know what I'm talking about. Twice a year, in the Northeast to the North Central/Midwest portion of this great country, large, sealed environment office structures undergo the dreaded transition from heating season to cooling season, or visa versa.

When the heating to cooling transition occurs (like now) for about three to four weeks in March and April, the maintainable staff tries to anticipate whether they really need to have the furnace running. They always guess wrong, so I don't know why they even bother to try. In practical terms, this means the building becomes uninhabitable on the weekends because they are always trying to get the heating plant shut down as early as they can to extend the nothing but ventilation season (when the only cost is the current to run the blowers) as long as possible.

I have a digital thermometer in my office and it was showing a temperature drop of about a degree an hour Friday afternoon. I fully expect, based on the local weather, to find it running about 62 or so when I get in Monday morning. And that's assuming they get the heating plant back on around 6 a.m. or so, when the maintenance supervisor starts the building for the day.

It's damn' hard to type with gloves on, at least on a computer keyboard, I can recall times in the Army. . . but that was another life. Anyway, gloves don't help and my late middle age fingers tend to stiffen up below about 68 degrees, so I'm working at home this weekend.

More later, maybe.

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